Customer Feedback Systems – 3 Principles that Guarantee Business Benefits.

Business Benefits

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Setting up a customer feedback system can revolutionise customer satisfaction and drive customer numbers higher.

Or it can waste everyone’s time and make no difference to the bottom line.

(This unfortunately happens all too often – when was the last time you gave customer feedback and it actually did lead to an improvement in your experience as a customer?)

Now, if you’re finally making time to do something about customer feedback I really do hesitate to delay you. So I wouldn’t post this unless I thought it would increase your chances of success.

The good news is that taking a moment now to decide HOW that feedback will benefit your customers (and therefore your business) will enable you to GUARANTEE satisfaction. You’ll improve retention & word-of-mouth referrals and get a confident grip on all the issues that are important to your customers.

Which is a bit better than just collecting a pile of feedback that you’re not geared up to deal with, and leaving your customers feeling like they’ve been ignored.

So the key question is, how do we guarantee a customer feedback system that will deliver results for the business?

3 key principles for successful customer feedback systems.

Customer feedback can deliver quick wins and lasting benefits, but even when you’ve decided to commit to achieving those benefits, there are some principles to follow and some bear traps you’ll need to avoid.

1. Focus on business benefits.

2. Make it easy for customers to have their say.

3. Act on customer feedback.  Immediately.  Every time.

Providing you act on feedback, satisfaction will go up, spending will go up, and personal recommendations will multiply your customer base.

I learnt this and other lessons about what does (and doesn’t) improve customer satisfaction over several years running a large customer services operation. I’ve distilled that experience into a series of short articles which you’re welcome to have (they’re free).

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