Why You Should Build Customer Relationships with Email Marketing

Doug Ackerman

Customer relationship building is essential in converting prospects and web visitors to full paying customers – and even advocates of your business. Email is one of the best ways to do that, and relationship building should be the no.1 priority of all your email marketing activities.

All too often ecommerce stores take the view that email marketing is about delivering mini-catalogues of products and special offers into the inbox of past and potential customers.

They do this for a while and wonder why no-one is even opening their emails, let alone buying anything. The truth is they’ve got it all wrong.

Email remains the biggest influencer – way above social media. The process can be explained simply, but it’s very difficult to implement unless you’re willing to learn from the experts, try out new ideas and realise that email is about building a lasting relationship with customers.

We’re constantly re-evaluating our own email methods, and as a result we’ve discovered a rich vein of knowledge online which we’re more than happy to share with you!

Take a look through our 15 favourite resources – and don’t forget to let us know your favourites too!

Customer Relationships & Email Marketing

10 Steps to Build Your Email List the Right Way

Building your mailing list from scratch is tough and it can be tempting to try to cut corners to build its size. But it’s the quality that counts when building customer relationships.

Download this guide, follow its steps and you’ll be well on your way to building a list full of people who care about what you have to say.

Email Marketing Laws for Small Business Owners

Ok, so there are fuzzy, nice, commonly held beliefs about what you should and shouldn’t do when bulk emailing – but did you know that there are certain things you REALLY shouldn’t do?

Do yourself a favour and get familiar with the real guidelines – you’ll save yourself a big headache, and avoid totally destroying customer relationships instead!

25 Mind Blowing Email Marketing Stats

Email marketing is really effective, right? I mean, everyone says so. Sometimes, common opinion is wrong – but in this case, they’re absolutely right.

Check out this posts huge list of compelling stats explaining just how and why email marketing is so effective.

7 Overlooked but Critically Important Details of Profitable Email Marketing

Email marketing rocks – especially in ecommerce, but there’s a bunch of ideas in this post which you might not necessarily already do.

Are you tracking your emails and making decisions on the basis of learning? After all – your company’s audience is unique, and measuring the right things can help you learn how to better market to them.

12 Ways To Convert Website Visitors Into Email Subscribers

Not everyone who hits your store will become a customer first time round, but you might be able to lure them into subscribing to your blog.

Capturing leads this way means you’re increasing their exposure to your brand over a length of time so that when they’re ready to buy, your ecommerce store will be at the forefront of their minds.

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Email Marketing For Business: How To Get Started Today

Getting your head around creating an effective email marketing campaign is tough going. But it’s vital in building a customer relationship where they can learn to trust you.

Do it right and subscribers will discover themselves that you’re building a business that cares about them.

37 Tips For Writing Emails That Get Opened, Read, and Clicked

Building customer relationships with email marketing is hard at the best of times, and if your emails aren’t being opened and engaged with – it can quickly feel like you’re wasting your time.

Have no fear! This awesome list will have your open rates soaring, driving more traffic to your ecommerce store and blog!

10 Awesome Email Templates

This almost feels like cheating. Want a bunch of email templates that have been strenuously tested for their effectiveness for you to adapt for your own use? Yes please!

If you’re just starting out, or looking to revamp your email efforts – don’t try to reinvent the wheel – start with the learnings of these guys!

5 Data Insights into the Headlines Readers Click

How can I write headlines that customers and subscribers will click? Well, that’s not an easy question to give a definitive answer to, but this article gives great insight into what you should try.

6 Unbiased Email Marketing Software Reviews

There’s a lot of fluff online – to put it mildly. So it’s great when, from time to time, you stumble across advice that’s objective.

If you’re looking to ramp up your email efforts to reach more potential customers, take a look at the 6 options on review here.

10 Golden Rules for Email Blasts

Simple, straightforward advice to help you build stronger customer relationships. Cut straight to the chase by taking onboard these 10 tips.

5 Email Marketing Tools To Rapidly Grow Your List

You’ve done a lot of the hard work if you’re driving sizeable numbers of potential customers to your website or blog – the next step is to sign them up to your email list.

This article is a great starting point to get you moving in the right direction.

Want Customers to Open Your Emails?

More advice on offer here about subject lines – because it’s so, so important to get your customers to open up the email in the first place.

These guys have done some serious groundwork by analysing 267 million emails over a 6 month period. They’ve produced a hell of an insight!

5 Actionable Tips to Write Killer Marketing Emails

Remember – email marketing isn’t about being a pushy salesman, it’s about building lasting relationships with your prospective customers.

You’ll need them to engage with a whole bunch of emails and content before they’re likely to consider converting.

As the writer suggests – have these 5 tips in mind when you sit down to write your next email.

27 Email Etiquette Tips 

Social media makes a lot of noise, but it’s email that’s still the king.

Email retains a level of influence which social media doesn’t have, which is why it’s all the more important to follow rules of etiquette when you’re interacting with potential customers via email.

Phew! That’s the lot from us. Are there any missing from the list? Let us know by chucking a comment into the box below!

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