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How to Transform Customer Complaints Into Compliments Online

“Who wants to deal with customer complaints? They just bring you down and often you get no credit for dealing with them.” You might have heard this kind of thing from friends and colleagues. Don’t fall for it – dealing with customer complaints is an opportunity to interact with customers and leave them and yourself […]

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Why Your Last Annual Survey Didn’t Work…

Lots of companies try an annual survey as a way of measuring and improving customer satisfaction. When they try it, they almost always see one of the following results: No increase in customer satisfaction No increase in customer satisfaction and a slight increase in attrition On the surface annual surveys are a seductive tick in the customer […]

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How to Choose the Best Client Satisfaction Survey System

There are plenty of client satisfaction survey tools on the market. There’s not one best one (even ours, though it is of course brilliant). There’s just the one that best suits your firm. So the most important thing to know is not WHICH one, but HOW to choose. I found this out by experience, I […]

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