How to get started

Setting up CustomerSure is easy when following the three-step approach below.

Step 1. Review of your requirements

Establish whether CustomerSure is the right fit for you:

  • View an online demo of our software
  • Get fast replies to any questions
  • Receive a transparent proposal, if required

During the review phase, we'll provide an honest assessment of your requirements. For example, if you're not looking for a tool to measure and improve customer satisfaction, we might recommend a general purpose survey tool.

Review of your requirements

CustomerSure has proved to be very reliable, easy to use and valued by our customers. The feedback response rates are remarkably high. Can't recommend it highly enough. ”

Step 2. Free trial for proof of concept

Set up your account and get advice on automating your customer survey:

  • Define the scope and choose a trigger for your first customer survey
  • Set up integration with existing software, such as a CRM or order processing system
  • Write your own feedback questions or use proven questions
  • Follow our tested template to craft a compelling email to ask for feedback
Free trial for proof of concept

Customer Sure is just so user friendly - for us it is really simple to create and send out the surveys and for our customers extremely easy to fill out! Great support throughout the whole journey. We are now receiving great feedback and our Sales team has visibility of our Net Promoter score all day long! ”

Step 3. Roll-out

Expand the feedback process across your business and set up reporting so everyone can excel at their jobs:

  • Set-up email notifications so senior managers can keep an eye on KPIs and identify trends
  • Fine-tune reporting for analysis by staff member, department or other variables
  • Ensure that customer data drives business decisions

CustomerSure is so easy to use, that your team requires virtually no training. And because our service is cloud-based, your IT team does not need to worry about maintenance.

Roll out

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