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Integrate CustomerSure with Shopify

CustomerSure can be installed from your Shopify store to automate feedback collection. Once you install the app a feedback request email will be scheduled for each order. You either get confirmation that everything’s OK or you get the chance to fix any problems straight away.

Installing CustomerSure

Log into Shopify and go to their App store to search for CustomerSure. Once you’ve found it, click Install and follow the simple on-screen instructions.

Once you have installed CustomerSure you amend the integration settings any time by navigating to:

Company SettingsApps & IntegrationsEdit (shopify)

You can set a delay (in days) if you want to allow time for your goods to arrive before the feedback request email is sent. You can also set which survey and email template is sent.

If you need any further help with our Shopify integration please just get in touch with us.

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See how CustomerSure could work for you

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