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We Love Honest Feedback

It's what customers want to read.

And companies want honest feedback so they can deliver outstanding service.

We have a simple moderation policy:

A review stays. Unless it is illegal, offensive or not genuine.

This is how we make sure you can trust what you read:

Only genuine customers can leave reviews.

We never display unsolicited feedback.

No tampering.

A company may not delete or edit any of their reviews. They may post a reply.

Sensible safeguards for decency.

Anyone at all may request that we remove a review that breaks our policy. A placeholder is shown while we investigate.

Honest mistakes can be corrected.

Everyone makes a mistake once in a while. A customer may retract a comment or submit a replacement by contacting us.

Frequently asked questions

What’s a ‘genuine’ customer review?

By ‘genuine’ we mean that a comment represents the real customer experience of someone who has received a product or service from the company and who is neither an employee, competitor or close relative of either.

In most cases our integration means we can trace a review back to an invoice or order. Occasionally direct integration is not possible in which case we rely on self-certified customer details.

To maintain integrity we enforce a strict termination policy if there is any evidence of fraudulent use.

What’s meant by ‘offensive’?

Generally speaking, ‘offensive’ means language or sentiment that’s not family-friendly. Specifically, we will uphold requests to remove comments which are in our opinion illegal, untrue, defamatory, obscene or discriminatory.

They really can’t delete negative reviews?

Sadly not all review services operate a ‘no delete’ policy for negative reviews. We do. We always have, and we always will.

Our goal is to help companies deliver, and customers to receive, great service. That’s why our software is unique in having more features to follow up and act on feedback than to display it.

How well does the policy work?

Problems are rare. In fact historically we’ve seen fewer than 1 in every 10,000 reviews. But it’s the Internet and things can of course go wrong on occasion.

So whether it’s a word chosen poorly in the heat of the moment, or a deliberate attempt to mislead, our clear policy is designed to make sure that you can trust what you’re reading, and thousands of customers have benefited from great service as a result.

Another question?

Contact us. We love hearing from people who share our passion for great customer service and we always reply..

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