Measure, Analyse and Improve
Customer Satisfaction

Get actionable data including ratings, trends and individual customer comments.

Step 1. Choose trigger points

Get feedback at the right time for customers and to suit your business process.

  • Save time with an automated feedback process
  • Push data from your CRM tool or other software to our API to trigger surveys
  • Get expert input from CustomerSure to increase response rates

Want to know how your service team performs? Trigger a survey when a service call is closed.

Are a large percentage of leads dropping out of your sales funnel? Trigger a survey 5 days after a cold call.

Need to get feedback on distribution and delivery? Trigger a survey 3 days after dispatch.

With CustomerSure, you define your optimal points for customer feedback.

Satisfaction Surveys

Easy to get started, simple to use and provides me with the insight and analytics I need to understand customers' thoughts on the service my team provides. ”

Step 2. Send a simple, relevant survey

CustomerSure helps you get high response rates. Keep your questionnaire short by asking relevant questions only and send the survey at the right time—when customers memory is still fresh.

Customers find completing your survey a breeze because the one-page questionnaire is clear and smartphone-friendly.

  • Use proven feedback questions or write your own
  • Display your logo and use your tone of voice for consistent communication
  • Get high response rates with easy-to-complete questionnaires
  • Include variables like location or business unit for further analysis
Simple, relevant surveys

Using this software is the best decision a company could make. Since actively seeking (and more importantly acting on) feedback we've never looked back. ”

Step 3. Real time feedback and reporting

Review ratings at a glance or dig into the nitty-gritty of individual customer comments. CustomerSure makes customer feedback available at both aggregate and individual levels.

Give employees the right information to excel at their jobs, become more customer-centric and improve retention rates.

Customer service
  • Identify service issues in real time and close the loop immediately
  • Learn about minor irritations customers would otherwise not report
  • Gain input on staff performance for appraisals, coaching and training
  • Make customer satisfaction visible to staff and improve team morale
  • Understand how well the company lives up to its brand promise
  • Use independently verified customer satisfaction scores as a competitive advantage
  • Receive ideas for product and service innovation
Senior management
  • Make better and faster decisions based on prompt customer feedback
  • Keep up to date with customer satisfaction scores, sent weekly or daily by email
  • Understand differences in customer satisfaction based on variables such as location, representative or business unit
  • Gain insight into trends and drive change by making customer satisfaction visible for the entire company
Real time feedback and reporting

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