Whatever you want to get out of customer feedback…

Our advice and software will help you get better results with less work.

It’s in our interests to see you succeed, so the team at CustomerSure will do whatever it takes to make your project a success.

We’re going to help you listen better to your customers, and treat them as individuals, so it’s only fair we do the same to you.

Whether your timescales are days or months, here’s how we’ll get you there:

1 Tell us what you’re trying to do. We’ll listen to what you’re trying to achieve, and share any relevant advice we have.
2 We’ll help you put together an implementation plan, so your boss knows what’s going to happen, what results it will have, and how much it will cost.
3 Run a free-of-charge pilot. We’ll help you set up the software, integrate with your systems if needed, and tweak the plan based on the results.
4 You’ll get ongoing, automatic insight and reports, verbatim customer feedback, satisfaction scores, delighted customers and a happier team.

If you want to collect feedback or get satisfaction scores, give us a call.

We won’t hard-sell you, but we can answer any specific questions you have, schedule a demo for you, or clear anything up our site doesn’t explain well. And if it looks like we’re not the right fit for you? We’ll recommend a competitor.

We’ve run large service departments ourselves, we’ve worked with teams like yours, and if you believe in making every single customer happy, we’d love to work with you too.

The support provided by CustomerSure’s team has been nothing short of amazing. Fast, articulate answers to our questions any time, and every time we’re scratching our heads. You guys are the best!