Using CustomerSure to improve your Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score™ (NPS) is a great system for improving customer satisfaction. Satisfaction is a leading indicator of profit, and having everyone focused on one number simplifies the conversations about satisfaction in your business.

Net Promoter Score, charts Net Promoter Score, sentiments

CustomerSure is a licensed NPS vendor. Because we have a background in implementing NPS in large organisations, we know how to drive real business benefits. (And what rookie errors to avoid).

Our software helps many organisations maintain a high NPS score but more importantly it guarantees that their customers, their staff and their shareholders feel the benefits of that score.

Why might CustomerSure be best for you?

CustomerSure is great for your customers.

Customers love giving feedback, if you make it easy.

NPS (or any customer feedback project) ony delivers business value when you make it about your customers, not you. Otherwise it quickly becomes a box-ticking exercise. That’s why every single feature in CustomerSure is designed to make your customers love your feedback process:

  • Our super-simple surveys are easy to complete, meaning more responses for you. We don’t allow complicated surveys, because customers hate them, so they’re toxic to your response rate.
  • It’s not just about great surveys, though. A NPS system that actually improves satisfaction depends on lots of things: Asking at the right time, trustworthy covering emails, and prompt follow-up to name just a few. We take care of all this, so you have more time to spend on the thing that does move the needle: looking after your customers.

Customers hate being ignored.

Measuring satisfaction doesn’t improve it. Follow-up is crucial. If you leave a customer hanging they’ll feel that you don’t care. Which is worse than if you hadn’t collected feedback at all.

But you don’t want feedback to generate more work either, so CustomerSure makes it easy to spot what needs action, and follow up, so that you get the best outcome for you and your customer with the least effort.

Customersure - General-purpose surveys
CustomerSure Feedback

Fixing a problem quickly is the only way to make sure the customer’s next score will be a 10, which means it’s the only way to improve your NPS.

The feedback experience your customers deserve:

If your goal is a perfect customer experience, then you need to make sure that the experience of giving feedback is also perfect. That means more than just pretty surveys, you need a process that’s optimised for customer happiness from start to end.

CustomerSure lets you…

  • Control the frequency so that frequent purchasers aren’t pestered
  • Allow customers to unsubscribe themselves, or you can do it
  • Set branding on emails and surveys - and sub-branding if you need it
  • Add extra questions, because your customers get frustrated if they can’t tell you what you need to fix
  • Respond quickly if there’s a problem
Customersure - Email frequency control

It's brought the whole business together - we used to have silos between sales, support and product, but CustomerSure has got everyone on the same page. ”

We know you’re busy, so CustomerSure makes things fast and easy

Babysitting software shouldn’t be part of your job, so:

  • CustomerSure is cloud-based, so getting set up takes seconds – no need to wrestle your IT team to set up a proof-of-concept.
  • Our experts are always on hand to give thoughtful answers to any questions you have about how to move forward. Don’t sit scratching your head.
  • We sweat the details to make things simple to use. We’ve seen organisations go from initial enquiry to first NPS survey sent out in less than 20 minutes.
  • It’s best to automate things by connecting CustomerSure to your existing systems. Every IT team we’ve worked with tells us this is quick and no-fuss.
  • If you’re too busy to study in-depth reports, CustomerSure can deliver key numbers to your inbox on a daily or weekly basis, so you never lose touch with how your customers feel.
Customersure - Fast to implement

Need to find and fix problems quickly?

We cover your customers’ two essential customer service requirements:

  • I have a problem now which needs fixing (fire fighting)
  • I would like not to experience that problem in future (fire prevention)

With our combination of real time alerts and powerful, segmented reporting it’s easy to fight and prevent fires – leading to a dramatic improvement to the quality of service in your company.

Customersure - Find and fix problems quickly.

Want to get the rest of your organisation on board?

Whether they’re customer-facing or not, everyone has some impact on customer experience so it’s helpful for everyone to learn what customers are saying.

Use word clouds to summarise customer sentiment in a way which everyone can understand quickly.

You can also choose to receive daily or weekly email digests containing all the latest customer comments. There will be nuggets of gold in there and it’s really useful to circulate them for everyone to read.

Customersure - Feedback at a glance

Need to train and develop your people?

Heatmaps show you at a glance who’s doing well and who might need a little help, but more importantly you can jump directly to an agent’s feedback to understand why customers are giving certain scores

It’s really useful for developing service skills, but a lot of sales teams use it too.

Customersure - Train and develop your people

Wish you had better visibility of your strengths and weaknesses?

Customersure - Work with your data
Customersure - Keep track of common themes

It’s important to make sure your customers’ immediate needs are dealt with before digging into the data. That’s the only way to increase your NPS and keep it high. But there’s no question that as you collect more data you’ll build a treasure trove of information which will help you improve service and make your business more prosperous for the long term too.

Segment your data by person, by location, or by anything else that’s important to your organisation.

Label data to keep track of common themes and collect evidence for root cause analysis.

With all reports, you can filter and sort to look at different segments of the data - by person, location, product, service, time period or anything else that’s important to you.

Keen to continually improve the feedback experience itself?

Customersure - Measure and improve

To help you keep the feedback process every bit as good as the rest of your business you need information. Our response rate reports help you to understand customer activity and your contact data quality so you can stay in control.

Customersure - Understand customer activity

CustomerSure is the supplier you wish all your suppliers were like.

The supplier you’re trusting to help you with customer experience should deliver an exemplary customer experience.

Our own NPS score has never dipped below 50, and is currently in the high 80s. If it wasn’t, we’d be embarrassed to claim we know enough about customer satisfaction to help you.

But we’ll never never be complacent. We know the only way to keep good scores is to always be listening, and always be improving.

We do everything you expect…

There are some obvious things we focus on:

  • We share our knowledge and experience freely to help you do an expert job.
  • We respond quickly whenever you need us.
  • If we promise to do something we’ll give you a date and hit it.
  • We won’t lock you in. If your requirements change you can cancel any time.
  • We love hearing from you, and building a product that meets your evolving needs.
  • We guarantee success, or your money back.

Then we do a bit more…

  • We let you run a test or pilot free of charge until you’re happy. Then we charge you a fair price - based on our transparent, published prices.
  • We’ve got great reports, but if you need something special we can build it for you.
  • We speak IT. We know most IT teams are stretched to breaking, so we’ve designed things to make keep their workload to a minimum, and we’ll help out as much as needed to get things done with no fuss
  • We’ll help you as much or as little as you need. If you just need pointing in the right direction, that’s great. But it’s also fine for you to ask as many questions as you want and to get our help to set up your branding, design emails, choose questions or anything else. We want your project to be an outstanding success and we’ll do everything we can to make you look good.
Customersure - Set branding and images on emails and surveys