We’ll help you beat your targets.

Guy Letts

We’re not like the last software company you worked with.

We’re founded and run by customer feedback experts, meaning we’ll give you the quality of service you expect from a consultancy at a price that makes sense.

More importantly, we’re proudly small and independent, meaning we can be agile and do whatever it takes to make your project a success, guaranteed.

Guy Letts, Founder and MD of CustomerSure

Ask our clients why they chose us and they’ll say…

We’re helpful

Being helpful does’t just mean “being nice”, although we are nice.

It means we deliver things when we promise them. It means we’re transparent about our pricing.

It means our team have years of experience in helping mid-market and large firms improve satisfaction, and we share what we know.

And it means that we know that one size doesn’t fit all. We’ll listen to what makes you unique, then make a plan that meets your needs.

We make it easy

You should be doing what you do best: looking after your customers. Not training your team on new software.

If your boss is asking for last month’s CSAT for the sales team, you need to be able to find it in an instant, not spend a day reading a manual.

That’s why we work constantly to make CustomerSure easy to use, even as we add new features.

We’re reliable

You need to trust that your customers’ data is secure.

You need a platform that doesn’t mysteriously break at 9:40 every morning when your team log on.

Don’t worry. We take security and resilience seriously. We haven’t met an IT security team we couldn’t satisfy, and we comply with the GDPR.

We won’t let you, or your customers down.

Use CustomerSure if you need to integrate with your existing systems…

Help Scout
Microsoft Dynamics

Usually, we don’t charge for integration work – we think it’s better to invest in long-term relationships. On the rare occasions we do need to charge, we’ll be transparent about costs and timescales, and hit agreed deadlines.

CustomerSure is perfect for you if you want to…

Improve Customer Satisfaction

It’s impossible to improve satisfaction if your feedback process is… dissatisfying.

We’ll help you send great-looking surveys, with the right questions at the right time, and avoid ‘survey fatigue’.

Most importantly, we’ll help you treat your customers as individuals – not just data – so you can put things right before they escalate.

Customer Feedback Survey
Customer Satisfaction Heatmap

Improve Customer Insight

Insight managers aren’t strangers to asking customers what they think.

We can help you make sure that customers know you’re asking because you care, which drives up response rates and data quality.

And we’ll give you the tools to target opportunities for improvement from what your customers are telling you.

Improve Staff Satisfaction

Mostly your feedback’s great

Which is nice, because customer praise is a great morale booster on a busy day.

But when it isn’t…

Your team want to do good work. Verbatim customer feedback is a far more powerful way of showing them where they need to improve than clipboards and KPIs

Customer Feedback
NPS Dashboard

Improve NPS and CSAT

Everyone wants high satisfaction scores. (We even wrote the book on how to get them high and keep them there.)

We’ll help you work out which metrics are right for you, when to calculate them, how to segment them, and how to present them to your boss and your team.

Ensure Issues are Dealt With

You get best results from customer feedback when you respond to customer issues.

We’ll make sure you know what’s dealt with, who dealt with it, and what needs looking at.

You can relax, knowing that issues aren’t falling through the cracks, or worse, ending up on social media.

Put Things Right