An Expert Method

3 practical steps that help keep every customer satisfied.

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Slick, Simple Software

Features focused on one thing – helping you improve customer satisfaction.

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For People That Care

Ideal for small to mid-sized teams who know the value of happy customers.

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Relax. No IT Team required

CustomerSure runs on the web. There’s nothing to install, so no headaches for your IT team. Just start a free trial and you’re immediately up and running. Your data is completely secure, and with 99.99% uptime, we’ll be here when you need us.

We care about you

More than a software company – we’re on a crusade to help businesses get better feedback and act on it. We’ve got a friendly team of experts who can take you through the CustomerSure method and explain how the software works. Say hello!

Wondering where to start?

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Just want to see how CustomerSure works? We’ll give you a live demo at a time which suits you. Get in touch, and we’ll get it in the diary!

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We’re a small team of customer satisfaction experts. If you’d rather just talk, give us a call. We’d love to listen and help you out.

+44 (0)191 226 7970

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Don’t be shy! We offer a risk-free 14-day free trial. No credit cards, no commitment, and our experts on hand to help you get started.

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“Not only can you find out what your customers think - you can act on the areas that need improvement!” Caroline Theobold, MD, The Bridge Club

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No card required • Cancel any time • No downloads or installs • Nothing public unless you want to • Remarkable support – put us to the test!

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“Customer Satisfaction in a Box” – Trusted by companies in growth mode

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