Why Customer Feedback Is Essential For Your Content Strategy

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach prospects and customers. For small and medium-sized businesses a compelling content strategy is crucial to business growth. But how can we best connect with our target market? We know that people are more likely to buy from companies that provide high-quality, relevant content. It’s [...]

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7 Steps to a Super Productive Team

It’s hard running a growing small business, especially with a tiny team like ours, when you’re also trying to over-deliver on your customer service! In this post, Luke shares a few of the tips we use to do more work with less stress.

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Why Your Last Annual Survey Didn’t Work…

Lots of companies try an annual survey as a way of measuring and improving customer satisfaction. When they try it, they almost always see one of the following results: No increase in customer satisfaction No increase in customer satisfaction and a slight increase in attrition On the surface annual surveys are a seductive tick in the customer [...]

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4 Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Support Community

We’re big fans of delivering personalised, one-to-one customer service, and collecting feedback on how well you provide that service. However, if you’re interested in relying on ‘self service’ software like knowledge bases and forums, this post epxlains the problems you can face, and how to avoid them being an unexpected time and money black hole.

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