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Real-Time Insights.
Real impact.

CustomerSure helps you gather insights, communicate them across your business, and use them to drive real change.

Award-winning customer feedback software

Measure and improve Net Promoter Score, CSAT & Customer Effort Score
Demonstrate the impact of customer experience projects
Improve customer loyalty and retention
Identify efficiencies and process improvements
Improve call quality and first contact resolution
Develop your team’s performance and customer focus

Who we work with

CustomerSure software is transforming our organisation. Easy to use, a great customer experience and real time results, presented beautifully that we can action immediately.

Why CustomerSure?

Drive improvements in customer experience

Every piece of data in CustomerSure is actionable. Flag urgent issues in real time, respond directly to customers, and share customer feedback with teams to help them improve their own performance.

How it works

Focus on the insights that matter

CustomerSure helps you create customer experience surveys that get to the heart of the challenges your brand is facing, drawing out the most critical insights from your customers and helping you focus on what’s most important.

Guide: choose the right survey questions

See how CustomerSure could work for you

To find out more about how CustomerSure‘s customer experience survey platform could help you, get in touch today.

Real-time, frustration-free surveys

Our mobile-friendly surveys, text analysis, automatic notifications and reports increase your feedback response rate.

Demonstrate measurable improvements

Our reporting tools make proving the impact of your customer experience project effortless. Track trends in key metrics like NPS, CSAT and Customer Effort, and quickly segment your data to compare departments, regions, sites or even individual performance.


Software designed by feedback experts

CustomerSure is founded and run by customer feedback experts. We’re licensed NPS consultants, and our customer survey software is based on extensive real-world experience running customer experience projects across a wide range of businesses.

About us

Unparalleled support as standard

When you use CustomerSure, you don’t just get technical support on our software. Our friendly, expert team are on hand to support you through the entire process of using CustomerSure to improve your customer experience.

Our support package

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GBG use CustomerSure to Power Their Global Voice of the Customer Programme

“As a business we would not have been able to run our extensive global Voice of the Customer programme without CustomerSure.”

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How to Calculate NPS

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See how CustomerSure could work for you

To find out more about how CustomerSure‘s customer feedback software platform could help you, get in touch today.

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