Results-Driven Customer Experience Software

Because you want to improve customer experience, not just measure it.

Key Satisfaction Data To Drive Improvements

KPI dashboard – important metrics at a glance.

Good decisions need accurate information.

Your dashboard shows real-time, company-wide key performance indicators. Drill down to investigate hot spots or specific areas.

Improve NPS, CSAT and Effort Score.

How loyal are your customers? How do they rate the quality of your products and services? How easy are you to deal with? Use Net Promoter Score, CSAT or Customer Effort Score reports to investigate what’s influencing your headline metrics.

Advance warning to avoid financial problems.

If profit tells you how well you’ve done in the past, the mood of your customers tells you how well you’re going to do in the future. Trend reports show where any problems are so you can take action before they hit the numbers.

Increase retention and word-of-mouth referrals.

Measuring satisfaction changes nothing, it’s what happens next that counts.

Powerful follow-up features help you keep your hard-won customers and earn their personal recommendations. Whether it’s instant service recovery or a process you need to improve, our software keeps your business growing.

Keep the regulator happy.

Many of our clients are in regulated industries. Performance reports help you identify clearly what (or who) is scoring well, and what needs fixing.

You can record evidence of the actions taken to prove your control measures are in place and working well.

A Great Feedback Experience For Customers.

Right time.

The best time to collect feedback is when customers are most likely to want to give it. CustomerSure gives you feedback and satisfaction scores at the key touchpoints in your customer journeys.

Right channel.

Email, SMS, voice, website...some of our clients even start with paper. The important thing is that you’ve made it really easy for them to tell you how they feel, so you’ll know whether a customer’s secure…or hanging on by a thread.

Phone? Computer? Tablet? Our smart feedback forms resize to a customer’s preferred device. And they’re frustration-free—fast, clear and simple so you get a much higher response rate

Right design.

Customers hate complicated surveys. They have their place in market research, but don’t work well for service recovery and experience measurement.

But NPS alone can be too simplistic to drive improvements. You won’t recommend us… but why?

CustomerSure surveys are just right.

Right language.

Send surveys in the language your customers speak. Many languages are available but it would be our pleasure to quickly add one that we’re missing.

Real-time Analytics For Customer Experience Leaders.

Find what’s working and what’s not.

Problems with contractors? Process issues? Staff training? With hard data you’ll be able to see exactly what’s working, what’s not, and what to do about it.

Built-in categories (‘segments’) reveal customer satisfaction by people and location, but you can also add your own segments to analyse by any other factors that are important to your particular business.

Compare by site, region, team, staff and more.

Reward high performers and target improvements accurately with heatmaps. For each area of the business they rank performance and they tell you whether problems are widespread or local.

Improve culture and performance.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Use the text analysis features to understand how customers feel about the culture and service in different parts of your organisation.

High response rates.

Forget reminders. If giving feedback is a great experience for customers then excellent data keeps pouring in. But a great feedback experience is about much more than having a slick feedback form, just as craftsmanship is about more than having the best tools.

Deliverability and engagement data.

Delivery and engagement reports show you delivery data and abandon rates. This helps you improve the quality of your contact data, the tone of your communications and the completion rate of your surveys.

Powerful analysis tools.

Some feedback will confirm what you know, some will be a complete surprise. Filters, reports and analysis tools help you get to the heart of customer issues and prioritise which actions will have the biggest impact.

CustomerSure developer documentation

Easy integration and automation.

You’ll experience the full power of customer feedback when it’s a natural part of ‘business as usual’. CustomerSure can integrate with your existing systems, such as CRM, helpdesk or complaint management. Our secure, web-based interfaces make life easy for stretched, in-house IT teams. Or you can start by just uploading a spreadsheet.

Find out if CustomerSure is right for you….

We’ll listen to what you’re trying to do and give you an honest assessment of whether we can help.

Elegant Design To Match Your Brand.

Support multiple brands.

CustomerSure’s powerful brand library makes measuring experience across multiple brands easy.

Quality And Efficiency For Customer Contact Teams.

Higher ‘first contact resolution’

There’s no debate—friendly advisers who close issues effectively means happier customers and no repeat calls. Receiving customer comments and scores helps advisers improve their performance and gain the skills, judgement and experience they need to get it right first time.

Fewer complaints.

Configure real-time alerts to notify your front-line people and catch urgent issues before they snowball into complaints. Daily or weekly digests can be sent to everyone else because it’s not just the front line people who have an impact on customer experience.

Better quality calls. Less monitoring.

Tools for analysis, training and development help your advisers learn directly from customer comments. This frees up your best people from coaching duties. You might still need to audit for compliance, but your customers are the best judges of call quality.

Choosing and Buying Made Easy…

You’re buying results, not software.

We won’t pressure you, we’ll just make it easy for you to experience the benefits. Our seasoned professionals have walked in your shoes and they’ll invest time helping you unlock measurable results.

Purchasing made less stressful.

We know budgets are tight and purchasing takes time. So we price our software for the mid-market, publish costs transparently, and we bundle in advice and support generously. We don’t want you to raise a purchase order every time you pick up the phone for help.

Robust, secure and compliant.

The trust of your customers, and maybe the watchful eye of a regulator. It’s a big deal, so our product’s designed, tested and scrutinised and we’ll take your information security as seriously as you do.

Privacy by design

The rules on personal data are ever tighter. Rightly so. CustomerSure has a range of features to help you meet your obligations under GDPR and the Data Protection Act, such as over-survey protection, opt-out management, data retention periods and the right to deletion.