Questions from the Customer Experience in Financial Services Conference

Questions from the Customer Experience in Financial Services conference… How does VoC tie into consumer duty? How do we prove impact? Which metrics work best?

How to produce a business case for a Voice of the Customer Programme

A complete guide to writing a business case for a Voice of the Customer Programme. Contains the statistics you need to justify the investment, and the steps you should take to ensure the investment delivers a return.

Five CX Trends From the 2024 ICS Conference

We spoke to attendees at the Institute of Customer Service Conference: What trends will influence CX in 2024?

What Is Customer Experience & How Can You Manage It?

How customers experience your business will impact your overall performance. Understand what CX is and how to manage it with CustomerSure.

Mistakes Businesses Make When Evaluating & Improving CX

Helping Philips to take their Customer Feedback Program Transatlantic

Learn how CustomerSure worked with Philips Oral Healthcare to gain insights to deliver global improvements.

6 Reasons Why Customers Abandon Surveys… And what you can do about it

Let’s dig in to what we know about the reasons customers abandon surveys, and how you can prevent it happening.

How to Calculate NPS on a 5-point Scale

Can you calculate NPS on a 5-point scale? Yes! Should you? Maybe! Discover the pros and cons and make a sensible and informed decision.

Covéa Insurance selects CustomerSure as its VoC provider

We’re excited to announce that we’re now the chosen customer feedback software provider for one of the largest insurance groups in Europe, Covéa Insurance.

Frequently asked questions from the ICS Conference

What response rate should I expect? Should I offer incentives? We answer these questions and more that came up as we chatted to delegates at the ICS Conference.

Driving Business Growth With a Focused Effort on Customer Feedback

Learn how Polypipe Building Products increased quote volume by 51% by investing in a customer feedback process that drives up customer satisfaction.

How Marmalade Insurance has improved CSAT and their NPS.

Utilising a fresh approach to customer feedback, Marmalade Insurance are seeing big tangible results.

Why reviews aren’t the answer to improving CX

Customer reviews are everywhere these days. But they rarely actually improve customer experience. This post explains why it’s wrong to solely use them.

Avoiding customer feedback survey fatigue.

Getting the survey volume right can be tricky. You want transactional feedback, but you don't want to annoy customers in the process. Here we offer some top tips to get it right.

How responding to customer feedback pays dividends.

Getting colleagues to respond to customer feedback has many benefits for the business and the customer. This post explains how to do it.

Remember, learn from your happy customers too

Don't just focus on the negative customer feedback you receive. The positive feedback is extremely powerful and tells you more than you think. Here we explain how to use it.

Why you must resist lengthening your feedback surveys.

Having long and tedious surveys is bad. Learn why it’s such an issue and what the consequences are.

Don’t game your surveys. The problem with leading your customers.

Gaming customer satisfaction surveys to trick the customer into giving higher scores is really bad practice, yet sadly quite common. This post explains why it's so bad and what the consequences are.

The benefit of understanding customer effort.

Making things easy for customers is really important. Obtaining a customer effort score is very useful with many benefits for you and the customer. This post explains why it's so important and what it can tell you.

Transactional feedback. Like good comedians, it’s all in the timing.

Getting your survey timing right is really important, yet many companies get it wrong. This post looks at both good and bad practice.

Customer feedback is gold dust, don’t lock it away!

Sharing customer feedback with colleagues is really important, yet it seems to rarely happen. This post explains why it's a missed opportunity.

Why do companies not reply to customer feedback?

Responding to feedback is really important, yet it seems to rarely happen. This post explains why it's a missed opportunity.

Three reasons why real-time customer feedback is now essential.

Covid-19 has disrupted everything and people are cautious. Discover the best way to give your customers confidence to start spending again.

How to reduce customer complaints sensibly and sustainably

If you ever feel helpless in the face of complaints, it’s time to stop. They don’t happen at random, they happen for a reason. We’ll show you how to to break the cycle and dramatically reduce complaint volume.

The top customer service skills your employees should have

Discover our crucial customer service skills every employee must have to ensure your business excels and customer satisfaction is at an all-time high

Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention for Customer Contact Teams

To keep customer satisfaction high, you need to use feedback in two very different ways. Learn what they are, and how to do both.

Why Do You Even Want To Send a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

There’s more than one kind of satisfaction survey. Sending the wrong type at the wrong time can lead to… dissatisfaction. We’ll help you get it right.

5 tips for improving tone of voice in customer service

If you want a two-way relationship with your customers, you need to master tone of voice. Here’s five tips to help you get it right.

How to Create a GDPR Compliant Survey for Customer Feedback

Create a GDPR compliant survey with ease! Our guide simplifies customer satisfaction surveys while keeping them compliant and effective

How to Win Back Customers - The Expert Guide

Learn how to win back customers with tips from 6 top companies. Boost your customer retention and grow your business with our expert guide

How to Respond to a Negative Review

Step by step instructions with examples on how to respond to a negative review to turn lost customers into loyal advocates and impress prospective customers.

Customer Reviews for My Business – What Should I Know?

"Elite marketers know that online reviews aren’t just a gimmick to boost your CTR. Learn how the right reviews process can transform your business, and how to get started."

How to Increase Sales 27% in exactly 2 steps

Even the most sales-focused organisations often have a blind-spot which loses them up to 27% of possible revenue. Learn what it is, and how to eliminate it!

3 Examples of Amazing Customer Service

Don't settle for anything less than Amazing Customer Service. Learn from 3 companies who are ahead of the rest - apply their teachings to your own business!

How to Transform Customer Complaints Into Compliments Online

Follow these steps to transform customer complaints into compliments online and win new promoters for your business!

4 Tips To Avoid The Pitfalls Of Social Media Customer Service

Make sure you get these basics right to avoid making mistakes when you implement your customer service strategy!

How I Discovered the Real Potential of Customer Feedback

Find out 3 things I learned about the business value of customer feedback when I ran a real-world feedback experiment.

4 Surprises when you Implement a Customer Feedback System

A customer feedback system helps you guarantee customer satisfaction. But what will happen when you start? You will be surprised - but in a good way!

Net Promoter: When this is the Wrong Question to Ask?

Net Promoter may be the ultimate question, but that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate in every situation.

Top Tips for Handling Customer Complaints

Complaints are great for your business. They’re your chance to win a customer for life. Follow our five step guide to make sure you make the most of them!