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For utilities firms, delivering an exceptional customer experience has never been more important. With more and more customers being encouraged to switch utility providers, and a raft of disruptive challenger organisations entering the market, listening and responding to your customers’ needs is vital.

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For the energy and utilities sector, customer experience is a crucial focus area, affecting not just financial performance but also impacting on regulatory compliance.

CustomerSure gives utility companies the tools and methodology they need to improve every aspect of their customer experience so they can delight customers, keep regulators happy, and drive continued financial growth in an increasingly competitive space.

Customer experience initiatives can help energy and utility companies to:

CustomerSure gives you the vital insights to ensure you:

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Every touchpoint matters

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Your customer’s experience is the sum total of all their interactions with your company. So sometimes they’ll want to tell how they feel about things like billing, field engineers, your sub-contractors or your complaints team.

With CustomerSure you can get actionable insights about every area. And our analysis and reporting tools help you slice, dice, chart, trend, filter and compare the data. Which means you’ll always be making informed decisions.

Become famous for great service.

CustomerSure feedback stream

It’s not hard and it’s not costly to drive up service and reputation. Customers love to give feedback, because they want their lives to be easier. They just hate the way feedback’s traditionally been handled.

Our customer feedback software lets customer tell you exactly what’s needed to win (and keep) keep their business.

But far more important than knowing what to do is actually doing it. That’s why our software is just as strong in follow-up and analysis features.

Convert more sales.

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What could be a more powerful lesson than showing your salespeople why some people bought, and why others didn’t - in their own words?

Of course there’s more to it. You need compliance training, brand values and bucket loads of resilience. But when it comes to closing the sale, those customer comments are nuggets of gold.

Breaking up is hard to do?

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Stamp out customer attrition with unbeatable service. Lower prices might turn a few heads but many will stay rather than switch and risk a bad experience.

Customer feedback helps you find and fix problems so you can drive up retention.

Improve your handling of incidents & emergencies.

CustomerSure response rates

You can’t prevent them. But straight afterwards it’s a brilliant time to collect feedback from customers who were affected or worried.

You’ll hear what you got right, discover a few heroes, pinpoint the problems and probably get a few surprises too.

Make your regulator smile.

OK, it’s a bold claim. But it strengthens your hand when your customers are rooting for you.

Free up your best agents.

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Your most experienced people are spread thinly. After all, they’re the people you need to help with every new initiative in the business.

One burden you can lift is quality assessment. Your customers are much better placed to do that. Your good people will still be needed to share experience and coach, but this way your best players spend more time performing on the pitch than talking tactics on the bench.

Integrate with your existing IT.

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Better data, less work. That’s the advantage of integrating so you can ask for feedback at just the right time, and manage it in just the right place.

CustomerSure integrates with most CRM and Helpdesk systems, including Salesforce, Dynamics, Zendesk and lots more.

See how CustomerSure could work for you – free pilot project

If you’d like to see CustomerSure’s approach to improving your Net Promoter Score in action, contact us for a free pilot project. We’ll help you design and run a short, live test to show you exactly how everything works and prove the real impact our approach has on your customers and your business.

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