You rely on your local managers to run their location and look after your customers. Give them the information they need to offer outstanding service.

Care homes, housing, holiday parks, branches and depots. These are just a few of the de-centralised models we can support.

Staff Heatmap

Power to the people

We’ve found that local managers are a tough bunch. They need a vast range of skills, they need to be adaptable, quick thinking and extremely resilient. We’ve also found that they’re passionate beyond belief at caring for customers. It’s how their brains are wired up, and it’s the reason why they hit their targets.

They crave customer feedback, but they want it fast and simple.

“Get the feedback to me quickly, because I can fix most things straight away.”

If we’ve heard that once, we’ve heard it a thousand times.

Regional managers

CustomerSure feedback stream

Supporting your local managers you’ve probably got a layer or two of regional managers.

We can get fast, high quality customer feedback to them too. And in every case the information is delivered at the time it will make most impact, and in the right level of detail to help that person do their job better.

Measure your central teams

You may have a customer contact team or a central sales team. Our software supports post-call surveys, post-sale feedback, and much more. But more impressive is the way you can measure performance by team and individual.

With skill heatmaps, league tables and detailed analytics there’s a rich variety of data to help your people develop and improve their performance.

Customer Journey report

Confidence in the boardroom

With a company-wide satisfaction dashboard the executive team can get a headline view of customer sentiment, service quality and operational efficiency. Unlike profit, which is a trailing indicator of success, customer satisfaction trends help you forecast whether the business is on track to perform in future.

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