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Our software helps care & nursing home groups to collect feedback from residents and family & friends, so you can measure and improve satisfaction.

We understand the challenges of collecting feedback from elderly and vulnerable residents, and the sensitivity required to reach these groups. Which is why Barchester Healthcare have been using and trusting CustomerSure for over 4 years.

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Improve care

Improve the business

Simplify CQC inspections

Our software helps you collect customer feedback so that you can measure and improve satisfaction. Two things are really important:

We make sure giving feedback is a great experience for residents and family & friends (which means you get higher response rates and better data),

Our approach guarantees this will feed through to make a positive impact to your homes and business and improve the lives of your residents.

Key features

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Why choose CustomerSure?

We’re a safe choice because we’ve repeatedly won our industry’s software satisfaction awards. We make our clients projects successful by providing high quality software and expert advice. Three things make us distinctive:

  1. We use our commercial experience to make sure that your whole business and residents’ lives improves, not just your satisfaction scores.
  2. We specialise in the mid-market. Our software platform is simple to use, fully featured and perfect for multi-team and multi-site businesses.
  3. We’re well known for simple to use but powerful software, and expert advice and support. Our partnership approach helps ensure our clients success.

See how CustomerSure could work for you – free pilot project

If you’d like to see CustomerSure’s approach to improving your Net Promoter Score in action, contact us for a free pilot project. We’ll help you design and run a short, live test to show you exactly how everything works and prove the real impact our approach has on your customers and your business.

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