• Company: Tastecard
  • Location: Huddersfield, UK

Tell us about Tastecard

Tastecard is the UK’s largest diners’ club, providing millions of members with 2 for 1 meals or 50% off food at over 6500 restaurants.

We help to make dining experiences affordable for everyone - and we also help to keep restaurants busy.

The reason tastecard is so popular is the value of the offer - we try to offer the deepest and most simple discounts to our members, so that they know what to expect every single time they dine out using the card.

It’s provided us with many valuable insights that we wouldn’t have had without the platform.

What made you look for a customer experience platform?

We are always looking for member feedback at tastecard - and we wanted a tool which could help us understand what people thought was working well, and what people thought we could improve

Tastecard - Pizza

We’ve made very real and actionable changes to the way things work based on the CustomerSure feedback, and we’ll continue to monitor and do this regularly

Why did you choose CustomerSure?

We chose CustomerSure partly for the features it had available and partly because the team that came to speak with us about it were so good and efficient. Here at tastecard, it’s important to us that we have a reliable team on hand to help us with anything in a reactive and efficient way - and we were convinced that the CustomerSure team would do that. We’re pleased to say that they’ve not proved us wrong. Chris, especially, has been extremely useful in getting the maximum out of the platform.

We weren’t using anything else before. It was very simple to get up and running. We’ve integrated the system with our own IT system, and with our Help Scout system and this helps us get the most out of it.

Now that we’ve integrated with our IT system we get thousands of responses per month to learn from.

What difference has it made to your business?

We started doing manual sends, getting a few hundred responses at a time. Now that we’ve integrated with our IT system we get thousands of responses per month to learn from.


This helps us to get valuable feedback on our sign-up process, find out how people are using and finding out membership, and discover the reasons why people cancel their membership with us.

It’s provided us with many valuable insights that we wouldn’t have had without the platform, helped us to discuss issues directly with customers via the ‘reply to feedback’ function, and also helped us to take positive steps in designing our new pricing model and website.

It’s helping us create a better service that people want to join and then stay a part of.

One of the best examples is that we were getting a lot of feedback from our new members in regards to not knowing about the smartphone app that we have available. We were able to get a leaflet added into the membership pack that arrives with members when they join detailing the app. This has solved the problem of members not benefiting from our app.


Has there been any memorable or funny feedback?

We get a lot of stories about the times that people have gone out and used the card! One of our favourite comments was left by a member of a group of magicians who went out to use the card and stated that over £120 of their bill simply disappeared! It’s those stories that we love to hear.

What’s your advice to anybody starting customer feedback?

Be prepared to put in the time. It’s a process, getting customer feedback to this level of detail. Whether you’re getting ten responses a week or a thousand, each one will need reading, digesting and to be given a thoughtful response. You’ll also need to spend time collating the key issues to really understand your feedback as a whole and work out the impact of any positive or negative comments.

If you put the time in though, and do it properly, the information you can glean about almost any area of your business will pay back for this tenfold.

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