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CustomerSure is proven to help financial services firms improve customer satisfaction, retention and experience.

Disruption by challenger banks is rapidly increasing consumer expectations of financial services products, and it’s vital that organisations of all sizes have the customer insights they need to keep up.

NPS Dashboard

Customer loyalty and recommendations have also never been more important to ensuring organisations survive and grow. How do you create customers who stay with you, recommend you more, buy more from you, are less price sensitive, cost you less to serve, and are more forgiving when things go wrong ?

CustomerSure gives financial services organisations the tools and methodology they need to consistently improve their customer experience, and continue to perform in a highly competitive marketplace.

Customer experience initiatives can help financial services organisations to:

  • Win new customers
  • Improve retention
  • Increase referrals
  • Ease compliance

CustomerSure gives you the vital insights to ensure you:

  • Deliver first class service
  • Make customers’ lives easier and better
  • Resolve problems quickly and effectively
  • Consistently deliver fantastic experiences, regardless of channel or journey
  • Ensure your staff have the tools they need to make customers lives better

We take insights that we get from CustomerSure, and we use them to make real change in the business - resulting in happier customers overall. We also are really pleased with their support team—who have assisted every step of the way

Sam Shaw, Tastecard

How does CustomerSure work?

CustomerSure gives your financial services organisation a suite of powerful tools to gather vital insights from your customers and distribute them across your business. With CustomerSure you can:

  • Ask your customers what they think of you, and listen to them
  • Measure and understand customer satisfaction effectively
  • Ask for feedback at the right times, and make it easy for customers to give this
  • Read and action feedback, and respond to customers after they have told you what they think
  • Effectively share the insights and satisfaction scores with the wider organisation

Actionable Insights

Customer Journey report

CustomerSure is proven at helping financial services organisations to be more successful by providing a platform to obtain multi-channel actionable customer insights and the ability to respond to customers after they have given feedback.

Key metrics can be used to track performance of individuals, handling teams, or departments.

Trusted Advisors

CustomerSure has expertise to advise on data collection, survey design and question selection, to ensure ease of completion and high response rates. We will also help you with headline metric selection and usage, including CSAT, NPS and Customer Effort Score.

Phone tablet survey

Insights can be collected after important journeys such as:

  • Product renewals
  • Claim processes
  • Contact centre interactions
  • Digital interactions
  • Complaints experiences


Customer feedback can be collected by email, SMS, in-app or in-website, and completed on mobile phones, smart phones, computers and tablets.

Staff Heatmap

Real Time

Customer feedback is reported in real-time on a results dashboard, where the feedback can be assigned to individuals or teams to respond, and reports can be viewed, customised and exported.

Single View

The CustomerSure platform can integrate with your internal CRM or database, to ensure a single transparent view of the customer.

ipad showing a CSAT score of 92 in CustomerSure

See how CustomerSure could work for you – free pilot project

If you’d like to see CustomerSure’s approach to improving your Net Promoter Score in action, contact us for a free pilot project. We’ll help you design and run a short, live test to show you exactly how everything works and prove the real impact our approach has on your customers and your business.

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