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We asked Ellie McHugh, Global Operations Director, to share her experience of customer journey mapping and improving Net Promoter Score.

Tell us about the Digital Marketing Institute…

The Digital Marketing Institute is the global standard in digital marketing training and certification – providing the skills, confidence and industry know-how to stay relevant in the ever-changing digital world through our Membership.

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The DMI course content and exams are validated by some of the top change makers in the marketing industry: The Global Industry Advisory Council

Our mission is to support marketers to achieve their learning ambitions and help them realise their full potential. We have:

  • 30,000+ certified professionals
  • 58,000+ students
  • 130,000+ members
  • 100 education partners
  • 350 facilitators via partners
  • 50 subject matter experts

Our research with the Economist Group illustrates a global skills gap…

  • 40% of organisations are not able to find sufficient talent to handle their digital marketing workloads.
  • 74% believe that Marketing faces a critical talent shortage due to a lack of needed digital skills.
  • 55% of companies are not keeping pace with the new technologies that consumers are using today.
  • 27% believe that keeping up with market demands and audience needs is a great challenge.

Perpetual Evolution: The Interplay of Talent and Technology in the Future of Marketing

Our people are happy and committed. A recurring feature in our employee surveys is how much people enjoy working with their colleagues at DMI. Employees particularly enjoy feeling that our customers are getting tangible benefits from their investment in digital education resulting in increased skills, better jobs, salary and overall employability.

What challenges were you facing?

In 2018 we embarked on an examination of all of the data and insights from our direct and indirect students, partners and clients to get a fuller understanding across each of our lines of business as part of planning our five year strategy.

Although we had some great data through various survey feedback and mechanisms it was apparent that we had quite a disjointed approach and some degree of overlap between different departments.

What we needed was a cohesive approach to surveying which would meet the variety of needs of each department, and which would cover each of the customer journeys and touchpoints to coherently gather customer feedback and measure Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Customer Effort Score (CES).

How was your software implementation experience?

Ultimately we chose CustomerSure as the best solution to evaluate our global consistency, even though programs are locally delivered through our Partner Network and by a diverse range of individuals.

The platform is organised in such a way that it makes it easy to implement a feedback mechanism to evaluate people’s experience of DMI, starting from their initial research – right through their learning, certification and membership journey.

It provides a holistic view of their experience with us.

Implementation was very straightforward and we found the advice of CustomerSure was the key to designing our survey strategy.

What results have you achieved?

The impact of using CustomerSure has been immensely positive.

Having hard data cuts through perceptions and opinions held internally on how we’re doing and tells us what our customers’ experience actually is.

The negative feedback (everyone gets some!) is transformative - it helps us identify where the need for change is greatest. It also enables us to prioritise our improvement efforts in a very fast paced environment.

We’ve seen very rewarding results - CSAT, CES and NPS have all increased since implementing our survey strategy.

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Any surprises?

One of the most surprising and very pleasant outcomes has been the genuine compliments for DMI staff which people have offered – and that’s always well received when shared!

What advice would you give to someone getting started with real-time customer feedback?

Articulate and document your customer journeys.

Use your whole employee base in determining the journeys – that ensures everyone is invested in the Customer Experience.

It also provides transparency and collective agreement and understanding on what those journeys are and how everyone in the business is involved and responsible for delivery. In growing businesses this is a way to engender a respect for everyone’s roles in delivering a superior experience to customers.

Decide who are your key step owners and stakeholders early on.

Think carefully about the format of the questions you use and where the right place to ask them is.

Appoint one single decision maker who takes responsibility for the ‘control’ of surveys. They can take an overview of what you’re measuring and reporting to ensure consistency. They can deal with how and when the surveys are deployed, and they can make sure they’re best utilised at executive level to tie in with the overall strategy of the business.

More information on DMI’s courses can be found here.

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