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Company: Marmalade Insurance

Location: Peterborough, UK

Marmalade is a trail-blazing insurance company, dedicated to younger drivers, with a reputation for innovation.

We asked Jenny Lakin, Customer Insight Manager, to describe her experience of using real-time feedback to measure and improve customer experience.

Tell us about Marmalade…

“Marmalade provides innovative and practical insurance solutions exclusively for young drivers between the ages of 17 and 30.

Our insurance is suitable for learner drivers, qualified drivers, people who own their own cars, those who are sharing or borrowing someone else’s car, drivers looking for annual cover and those looking for short term, flexible options.

We even offer brand new cars to young drivers, many with a year’s free insurance included.”

We help young drivers in two main ways:

  • we make it more affordable for them to learn to drive and get on the road;
  • we help to make them safer out on the roads.

“We understand what’s important to them – the difficulties, barriers and prejudices they face – and we use our power, influence and ingenuity to support them on their journey towards freedom and independence.

This focus on helping our customers to get on the road is shared by everyone at Marmalade. The Marmalade team works together to help young drivers navigate car insurance simply and affordably.

It’s a supportive place to work, too. As the best known young driver insurance specialist we offer great career opportunities, but we’re still a friendly, family run business.”

Why were you looking for a customer feedback system?

“At Marmalade we’re proud to be known for providing excellent customer service. Our high TrustPilot rating is one measure of our success, but it’s not enough - we also want to:

  • ensure that this commitment to our customers is celebrated across the organisation;
  • find opportunities for continuous improvement.”

Group of young people

“We knew that all staff would better understand their own direct impact on customer satisfaction if there was an easy way for them to see what customers think of our service.

We also knew that front line staff in particular are motivated by:

  • Receiving individual, personalised feedback directly from customers
  • Understanding how important customer service is to the business
  • Seeing improvements in individual and overall customer satisfaction ratings
  • Having an objective way to highlight knowledge gaps and training needs
  • Having a clear means of sharing customers’ frustrations with relevant business areas

And it’s not only about front line people - we knew that all functions within the business could improve customer experience if they had customer feedback that was accurate and up to date.

For the company as a whole we were looking for strategic benefits - ways in which we could identify and prioritise improvements based on clear evidence.

We were also confident there would be financial rewards for measuring and improving customer satisfaction. We all buy into the correlation between happy customers and valuable customers - who stay longer, buy more and recommend more.

These benefits are particularly relevant in the insurance industry. Being able to differentiate ourselves by offering the best service gives us an advantage over providers who are competing only on price, because the products themselves are often similar.”

How did you choose a supplier?

“We looked at a number of options before deciding on CustomerSure. A couple of members of the team had experience of working with other providers of customer feedback solutions so we considered them alongside CustomerSure.

CustomerSure was a clear winner for us to partner with for a number of reasons.

As a new venture for Marmalade, the option to run a free, no commitment trial was a great incentive.

CustomerSure’s personalised service and flexibility came across in all our conversations with them. It was also great to speak to a supplier who was so responsive to ideas for development to ensure we ended up with the right solution for us.

The CustomerSure systems are proven and tested, but as a company they are, in my experience, unrivalled in their ability and willingness to develop their product based on input from their customers.

It took time for us to get our own systems in place to be able to get the feedback loop up and running, but CustomerSure were available to help and support us throughout the process.

The technical support was great and has enabled us to set a system up that’s working really well for us.

The whole feedback process that we now have in place from customer interaction to survey distribution to feedback reporting is seamless.

The CustomerSure reporting portal is very flexible and detailed, offering opportunities to easily tailor reports within it or to export all the data for further analysis.

If I was asked to sum it up, I’d describe CustomerSure as responsive, flexible and personable (very different from global, faceless, corporate companies with product teams you can’t reach!)”

What changes have you seen in your business?

The most impressive part of the project at Marmalade has been the enthusiasm with which it’s been received across the organisation.

“Going from a situation of having no customer feedback on our telephone service to having the potential for detailed feedback on every call is a big change, but it’s been met with positivity and enthusiasm from people at all levels within Marmalade.

Customer sentiment has so far been overwhelmingly positive which is great for staff morale, but the feedback has also really helped us to identify and prioritise the areas where we need to improve.

We’re already prioritising projects and managing customer expectations in these areas.”

What advice would you give to someone getting started with real-time customer feedback?

“I’d recommend getting all the right people within your organisation on side before starting a feedback project. People at all levels need to buy into the value of collecting and acting on customer feedback.

It’s also worth having a road map of what’s going to happen with feedback once you receive it and where you ultimately want to end up.

I’d also recommend partnering with an organisation that reflects your values and ways of working. If you’re looking for an agile, entrepreneurial partner and want to work with dedicated and passionate customer experience professionals then CustomerSure may well be a good fit for your business too.”

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