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Philips, a global leader in innovation, is committed to enhancing people’s lives through meaningful products.

The Philips Sonicare brand, known for its popular dental care products, sought to engage dental professionals, gather valuable feedback, and raise brand awareness within this crucial customer segment across Western Europe and the US.

This case study takes a closer look at the ongoing partnership Philips has with CustomerSure through our ever-evolving Global Supplier Agreement.

The Partnership So Far

Since early 2021, CustomerSure has been proud to collaborate with the multinational conglomerate, Philips, specifically working with their Sonicare brand in the UK. This partnership expanded to Western Europe in the summer of 2022 and has now reached across the Atlantic, including the USA.

The success of this collaboration lies in addressing the unique needs of Philips Sonicare’s customer feedback program, emphasising ease of use, multilingual capabilities, comprehensive training, and flexible reporting.

A dentist’s studio

The Challenge:

The primary challenge was to design a customer feedback program that catered to the extensive requirements of a company as sizeable as Philips.

Specific challenges included ensuring ease of use for the Sonicare Field Team, implementing multilingual surveys in 10 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Hebrew), offering comprehensive training and support across multiple countries, providing friendly and committed service, and delivering flexible reporting tailored to stakeholders’ roles.

The CustomerSure Approach:

CustomerSure rose to the occasion, addressing the challenges posed by creating a user-friendly feedback program. The platform enabled the Sonicare Field Team to seamlessly collect feedback, whether in-person or via follow-up emails.

The incorporation of surveys in 10 languages ensured inclusivity and accessibility, reflecting the diverse regions in which Philips operates. Comprehensive training and support, combined with CustomerSure’s renowned friendly service, became the cornerstone of the collaboration.

The Results

Commencing in the UK in 2021 and expanding across Europe in 2022, CustomerSure’s successful collaboration with Philips Sonicare extended to the USA in the latter quarter of 2023. The partnership now spans key territories, including the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Israel, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and the USA.

Darren Wake, Senior Account Manager at CustomerSure, emphasised the satisfaction of supporting Philips Sonicare’s global expansion in customer feedback initiatives, saying:

We’re so pleased to be helping the Philips team in the UK, across Europe and now in the US, as they continue the expansion of their customer feedback program for Sonicare.

It’s refreshing to see how engaged they are with their key customer and how much importance they place on gaining their feedback to drive improvements and changes that benefit all. We’re looking forward to seeing the insights that come from this additional territory and are grateful to the team for continuing to put their trust in CustomerSure.

The ongoing relationship underscores Philips’ dedication to obtaining customer insights for continuous improvement, which is a key part of our mission here at CustomerSure.

Client Testimonial

Claudia de Graaff, Professional Marketing Manager Oral Healthcare Western Europe at Philips Sonicare, expressed satisfaction with CustomerSure’s functionality and power.

We were very impressed with the functionality and power of CustomerSure from the beginning, and it’s great to have a software partner that can help us scale our customer experience efforts to such a level, whilst maintaining that personable level of service.

The partnership allows Philips Sonicare to scale customer experience efforts globally while maintaining a personable level of service. As a team, we look forward to continued success and ongoing collaboration with the CustomerSure team.

In Summary

The collaboration between CustomerSure and Philips Sonicare exemplifies a successful partnership and robust customer feedback programme, demonstrating how a tailored approach to customer experience can drive improvements and foster global growth.

As the relationship evolves, we’re looking forward to helping Philips unlock further potential for enhancing the customer experience and driving positive changes for Sonicare customers worldwide.

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