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Chartboost is a technology company based in San Francisco and their fun loving culture is evident in the playful design of their offices.

Although their work is about fun & games they’re deadly serious about customer service.

They were already working hard on service, but they felt they could strengthen their business by doing even better, and they wanted to benefit from having customer feedback integrated into their processes.

We interviewed Manager of Support Operations, Dave Sheehan.

Chartboost canteen

Tell us about Chartboost

Chartboost is the leading global mobile game advertising platform. We help game developers build a business through facilitating monetization, user acquisition and promotion.

We work hard and play hard, our business is after all, games!

We pride ourselves on being a fair play and transparent advertiser. Part of that is providing outstanding service to all of our developers.

We wanted evidence to assure developers that we had outstanding support service.

What challenges were you facing?

We knew we were doing good things based on anecdotal feedback but we suspected there were ways that we could really improve.

We also wanted evidence in the form of solid numbers and facts that our business team could use to assure developers that we had outstanding support service.

We looked hard at the market offering customer feedback solutions. We liked CustomerSure because it was customizable, allowed for more than thumbs up/thumbs down or happy/sad face feedback, and which integrated easily into our Zendesk automation.

Chartboost lift

How did CustomerSure help?

Getting CustomerSure going was fast and easy.

It only took a little bit of development work with the CustomerSure API to get the full automation we wanted.

We definitely exceeded our own expectations in terms of quality and usefulness of response, response rate and easy management.

We are expanding our CSAT survey effort to include Japanese, Russian and Chinese in the near future.

Through all of this Guy and the team at CustomerSure have been super responsive and helpful, providing answers and assisting in a timely and highly professional manner. We are an elite team and like working with other elite teams!

CustomerSure have been super responsive and helpful.

What results have you achieved?

Our customer focus has increased job satisfaction for our team, made the business team more confident in selling our service and created an esprit of service in our team.

Chartboost lift

Has there been anything funny or surprising in the feedback you’ve received?

Customers have made numerous suggestions about increasing the compensation of our team members and they even suggested we should clone one of our team-mates.

What advice would you give someone about customer feedback?

Don’t fall for the hype, get a solid tool supported by responsible people based on a proper understanding of the process of gathering customer input. CustomerSure has been excellent for us on all counts.

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