The Importance of Customer Feedback


Most of us have a ‘gut feel’ that customer feedback is good for business. But if pressed, we struggle to go into detail about exactly how feedback helps a business grow.

We’re here to help.

But before we go into the 9 (count them!) ways that feedback improves any business, we need to clear something up: Sometimes we hear people talking about “the benefits of customer feedback”, but what they mean is the benefits of market research. Research is great, but don’t fall into the trap of calling it feedback.

Feedback is giving all your customers a chance to tell you what you need to do to keep their business – and dealing with the individual responses.

Research is asking lots of questions of some of your customers and reporting on the results (for example to influence strategy or inform new product developments).

When we see bad customer surveys, it tends to be because someone with good intentions is mixing up market research and customer feedback.

Finally, before we dive head-first into the benefits, remember that the businesses who see all nine of these benefits have put in a lot of hard work – getting buy-in and training their people – to get where they are today. But they all had to start somewhere.

If you’re not happy with your existing feedback process, use our guides to start improving things – it’s never too early or too late!

Don’t fall into this trap…

Sometimes we hear this ‘benefit’ given as a reason that it’s important for a business to collect feedback. But there’s a huge problem with it.

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