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Anyone can measure customer experience.
We’ll teach you how to improve it.

Customer Feedback Guides

Learn how to build the feedback process your customers want you to build: what to ask, when to ask, and what to do with the results.

These are the exact methods we use to help hundreds of clients get measurable results from their customer experience improvement projects.

When Should I Ask Customers For Feedback?

Real time feedback is great. But done wrong, it can be a nightmare for both you and your customers. Learn when to do it, and how to do it well…

What Questions Should I Ask?

There’s no such thing as the ‘perfect customer service survey questions’. But we can walk you through how to discover the best ones for your business…

How to Respond to Feedback

Don’t fear replying to customers – learn why replying can be scary, how it can transform a business, and tactics to beat your fear.

More Guides

Why is Customer Feedback Important?

Feedback is important. But collecting it in a way which respects your customers is more important still. Here’s all nine benefits you’ll see when you’re get it right.

The three golden rules of customer feedback.

Wondering about NPS, CSAT or Customer Effort Score? The key is not what you use, but how you use it. Three Golden Rules...

How to improve response rates.

Many tactics for increasing customer satisfaction survey response rates are irritating and best avoided. Learn customer-friendly ways to get more feedback.

What’s the right rating scale to use?

If you know anything about market research, you’ll know carefully picking your scale is important. We’ll show you why the opposite is true when you collect customer feedback.

Which Metric Should I Track?

Heard that Net Promoter is dead? Us too. Find out why it is. And also why it isn’t.

Should I Offer Incentives?

This is almost always a bad idea. Learn the businesses it does work for, and what you can do instead if you aren’t one of them.

Benchmarking Customer Satisfaction

Of all the bad ideas in customer experience; benchmarking satisfaction is the worst. Learn why, and what you can do instead in this short, actionable guide!

How Should I Share Feedback With My Team?

Collecting feedback can be bad for your business. But sharing feedback can transform it. We’ll show you, with examples, why sharing doesn’t have to be scary.

Dealing With Complaints

Complaints are bad, right? Not quite. If you approach them in the right frame of mind, you’ll wish your customers complained more. Learn how.

What Response Rate Should I Expect?

Find out why a low response rate is great; a high response rate can be dreadful, and what response rate you can expect from your own surveys.

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