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Send yourself a test survey

To experience the email and survey from a customer’s point of view, this guide shows you how to send a survey to yourself and fill it in.

Step 1: Schedule a new Feedback Request Email

Every email you send to customers is recorded as a ‘feedback request email’. The overview of collecting feedback page goes into more detail on feedback request emails and explains all the different ways you can schedule them.

For now, to send yourself a test:

  • Hover over Feedback Request Emails on the main menu and select Add Manually.
  • Select your survey and the email template from the first two select boxes.
  • Enter your email address into the large text area.
  • Click the Create my feedback requests button.

Step 2: Fill in you survey

Once you’ve manually scheduled a feedback request email (above), do this:

  • Ensure you’re on the Pending Emails page. (Feedback Requests → Pending Emails). If your new feedback request is still marked as “Importing…”, refresh the page.
  • Click the Pending button, and select Send now from the drop-down.
    Screenshot showing 'pendding' button
  • Check your email inbox for a new email.
    (If you don’t receive one please contact us and we’ll find out why.)
  • Click the button or link in your new email to open the survey.
  • Fill in your survey with some test feedback and click the Submit button.

Congratulations! You have just filled in your first CustomerSure survey. If you return to CustomerSure and click Feedback on the main menu, you should see your feedback at the top of the list.

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