You can use CustomerSure’s REST API as a data source in PowerBI (and similar BI tools).

Basic Steps

  1. Click Get Data, then choose Web.
  2. Switch from Basic to Advanced
  3. Enter the URL of the API endpoint you would like to pull data from, for example
  4. Add the following headers:
Header Value
Accept application/vnd.customersure.v1+json
User-Agent Anything reasonable, for example YourCompany Power BI Integration
Authorization Token token=YOUR API KEY

You should now be able to retrieve data from the CustomerSure API.

Common Problems

  1. Note the US English spelling of Authorization.
  2. The value of the Authorization header is not simply your API key, don’t forget to add Token token=

Other Advice

Depending on how you/your organisation plan to use this integration, it may be prudent to avoid using your personal API key, as this is tied to your account: In particular if your user role were to change to a role which can see less data (i.e. fewer sites or surveys) than your present role, this change would affect your API key as well.

Equally if you were to leave your organisation and your user account were to be deactivated, your API key would become inactive, breaking the PowerBI integration.

If this integration is purely for your personal use, then it may be simplest to use your own API key, but if it represents a piece of infrastructure for your organisation, it may be more sensible to create a new CustomerSure user (i.e “PowerBI API User”) and use their API key, so the integration is not affected by changes to your user account.

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