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How to mark feedback as ‘open’ or ‘closed’

When new feedback arrives it has a default status of ‘Open’. When you’ve dealt with the feedback and you’re satisfied the customer is happy you can Mark it as closed by clicking on its status.

This simple work flow from ‘open’ to ‘closed’ can be used to let you and everyone else know what feedback has or has not been followed-up. Often, a simple thank reply is enough to help build trust amongst your customers—it shows that you’re care about their input.

You will find the status shown on any feedback you open, and on the Feedback index page. Like so:


View all ‘open’ feedback

The filter bar on the Feedback page has a Status option where you can tick Only show ‘open’ feedback.

Want to start over? (Close all open feedback)

If you’ve not been using the feedback status feature but wish to start, you might find it helpful to mark all feedback as closed; it gives you a fresh starting point. If you scroll to the bottom of the Feedback page you will see a button to Close all open feedback.

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