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Although CustomerSure has follow-up features, you may prefer to send your feedback directly to your existing complaint management, helpdesk or CRM system.

You can either choose to send all feedback, or only selected items, for example, if you want to escalate negative feedback.

We currently have out-the-box solutions for connecting to Zendesk and Helpscout, and we are always happy to consider adding more.

If we do not support your existing system directly, we provide another option: Webhooks. Webhooks will allow you to send feedback to any other web-based system you have, but you may need the assistance of your IT team to make this work.


Webhooks allow you to direct your feedback to any other web-based system, but are most commonly used in conjunction with a service such as Zapier, or IFTTT. These services allow you to ‘plumb’ your web apps together, so you can take data from CustomerSure, filter it, format it, and send it to other services, for example your CRM or Slack.

At present, we offer the following webhook triggers:

  • New feedback arrives in your account (created.feedback)
  • You manually opt to send a piece of feedback to a third-party system (sent_to_third_party.feedback)

These two triggers meet the needs of our existing customers, but if you require a different trigger for your use-case, we are likely to consider adding it for you, please contact support.

To set up a webhook, please contact support with the URL (which must be https) that you’d like the webhook to send to, and the trigger you would like it to fire on.

Parsing our webhooks

Our webhooks contain a signed HMAC header X-CustomerSure-HMAC-SHA256, generated from the response body and your API Token. You should use this header to verify the data is coming from CustomerSure, and that it hasn’t been tampered with in transit.

The webhook payload (body) is in JSON format and it follows the same structure as the Feedback response endpoint documented in our API.


To enable the Zendesk integration, please get in touch and provide us with your Zendesk API key and Zendesk API base. Once we have those we’ll add them to your CustomerSure account.


To enable the Helpscout integration, please get in touch and provide us with your Helpscout API key and Helpscout mailbox. Once we have those we’ll add them to your CustomerSure account.

Send to third party button

Once an integration or webhook is enabled on your account, you will see this link - unless you tell us that you’d like ALL feedback sent, in which case it’s not needed.

"Send to third party" button

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